Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Hubert Has a Fence AND a Special Use Permit

Hubert Has a Fence AND a Special Use Permit


I mean, we all sort of think that Hubert got his Special Use Permit this time around. Didn't he? Sure he did. How could he not?

If he did, it comes strapped to a lot of conditions, including, you guessed it, a fence. And this time a fence with Conditions. (Ain't nobody in Wheaterville gonna have to say: "Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." Uh-Uh.)
Hubert finally gets his Special Use Permit (for at least six months or until there are more complaints) after a Zoning Certificate is approved, and after he builds a fence of bundles or boards, eight feet high, from the NE corner of his place to 50 feet from his house.

Deja vu again, but on a more manageable scale.

Marlin the Planner however, does not like being undermined, and he said so. He's not sure the current screening really screens, although everyone else, including the Planning and Zoning Board, disagrees with his assessment. If that fence does anything, it screens, is the the concensus. But darn it all, Marlin the Planner does not appreciate the "established rules" being bent. He was supposed to win this one.

Platte County resident Chris Gray agreed that Hubert's "bad behavior" shouldn't be "rewarded". Wait, what "bad behavior?" Oh--challenging his right to get the Special Use Permit! Which he got. Which indicates that he should have had a whole hell of a long time ago. Seems like "bad behavior"  like that "fighting for what is right" is something we all oughta see more of.

However, just to make sure that no one thinks anyone except Hubert and the posse were ever in the wrong, one of the conditions of Hubert's Special Use Permit is that everyone agrees that the approval of the Special Use Permit does not in any way "...imply any County override of applicable District Court Orders." So there. Na na na na na. 

Bottom line is that there'll be some more fence building going on before the Saga of Hubert is over, but it looks like everyone is ok with all of it.

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