Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Watch Out Democrats (Not)

Watch Out Democrats (Not)
Oh boy, it looks like the Republican party spokespoople (grin) are stepping up to the plate with an (egads) "energy policy". WhooEee do they hate those renewables! And with policies like what the Republics are pulling out of wherever they're pulling them, it looks like the Democrats will be around for a long, long time. 

Their great idea? ONE HUNDRED nu-cu-lar plants. That's two for every state! Maybe Wyoming will get even MORE than their "fair share"! Maybe we can get four or five, since there's really not a lot of room for any in New York and California and Florida.

Hey Wheaterville! Step right up and claim your nu-cu-lar plant.  

Forget that nu-cu-lar energy is the most expensive to produce, how about the fact that we AIN'T GOT NO WHERES TO PUT THE WASTE? Oh yeah, that's a problem isn't it? 

And if you don't want a WIND GENERATOR in your backyard, um, do you really want a nu-cu-lar plant there? Make sure they don't charge you extra for painting the big red X on your place. 

Oh, and of course the Republican "energy policy" includes lots and lots and lots of "Drill Baby Drill" because that one really worked, didn't it? Most Americans are understanding that we can't drill our way out of our energy dependency. But don't tell the Republican Energy Guys...they think if we just drill in enough protected areas, BLM land, wildlife areas (YEAH GUYS WERE TALKING FORGET HUNTING!) we'll put off a Real Solution for another oh, couple of years.

With policies like these from those guys, the Democrats'll have a very long term lease on the White House.
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