Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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There's a Whole Lotta Bitching To Be Done

There's a Whole Lotta Bitching To Be Done
It's hard to be the guy who's supposed to Nail Jello to a Tree all the time. Woody seems to be taking a break from the Trees of Wheaterville...we figger he's Nailing Jello to Other Trees.

And The Shadow, from the Other Side, has gone silent too.

But there's a Whole Lotta Jello to Nail on Wheaterville Trees. If you have some to nail, send it in to Lazarus@wheaterville.com. Yes, send in some contact information so someone can make sure you're real. Use SpellCheck. You can be as stoopid as you want to thematically, but it has to be written using at least 6th grade English Class standards.

"Nailing Jello To A Tree" topics should be fairly obvious but what the heck, here's some elucidation. Think about Nailing Jello to a Tree...how frustrating, how impossible, how, ok, downright silly and possibly a waste of time unless you're gainfully unemployed and on some government dole scam.

Nailing Jello to a Tree Topics are those things that you see around you that appear to be impossible to "fix", futile, folly. for me, it's hard to explain without casting aspersions on right and left-wing radio bufoons, ex and current-Speakers of the House, or say, ex or current Wyoming Congress Women.

Grabbing Hammer, I sign off for now.

Stay tuned for LaBeeatch's rants and rages.
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