Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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He's Baaaaa ack Shadow from the Shadows

He's Baaaaa ack Shadow from the Shadows
the Shadow
  Hello from the shadows of Glendo. I’m sure you have wondered where we have been hiding!! Well it’s a story for another time.

Let’s get to it. After a short time of checking out the candidates the people have once again called on the 19th century leadership and elected Susan and her posse. Are they evil people?? Probably not as I define evil. Could it be that those backers of hers that seemed to be slient for the last 4 years know that the major problems around town like sewers ,water systems and a new building for the fire dept. have been done and most of the things left are minor??

As the town surged ahead into the 21th century during the Jay Collins era there is now a lot of questions about what will the direction be now? The crowning moment will come at the next council meeting when they appoint the replacement for Susan’s empty seat. Will it be another puppet or someone with something to contribute?? 

I’’m sure the council or the town people will make sure that Jay knows how much they all appreciated everything he accomplished in his 4 years. If the council doesn’t do this the people of the town that reaped the benefits of all his work should do it on their own!! 

Part of our group has moved on to greener pastures but those of us left behind will carry on exposing the dark side of Glendo government but also giving them credit when due. We will be looking forward to your responses to get this dialog started again!!

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