Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Wheatland School Board Meeting Tonight

Wheatland School Board Meeting Tonight
for Wheaterville
Ah, the Ides of March. Dig into your high school freshman memories. In 44 BC Julius Caesar was stabbed on the steps of the Roman Senate. Not a good day for Caesar.

Will the Ides of March 2010 be a good day for the Wheatland School Board? Will they "succeed" at confirming that yes indeed, Wheatland Is A Place For Hate? Or will concerned Platte County citizens and WHS students show up to try once again to talk sense into their closed little minds? What Would Jesus Do? He'd grab his dad's hammer and put those banners up himself.

Tonight's school board meeting starts at 7pm, at the usual place. The board is keeping its collective fingers crossed that they "won" and that everyone will have forgotten those soundbytes and all the recognition their Hate Games illicited for our fair town. They're hoping with whatever hearts they have that no one will show, no one will ask questions, no one will make them think.

See you at the meeting. The board will have to allow that confounded 30 minutes of public comment (and this time shout foul if Kelly Tyson uses some of it like he did month) but they won't like it any more than they did last time. Dallas Mount may ask that the time be extended, so that all may be heard, but likely no other board member will have the decency to second his motion. Again.
The board will have to deal with the "No Advertising in Schools" situation, because that was officially asked for. Seeing how they decide to handle that alone will be worth attending the meeting.

WHS is safe from the No Place For Hate label. No one is thinking of moving to Wheatland or Wyoming for its progressive, or liberal or "Do Unto Others" ethics. No one thinks that Wheatland is even aware of what's going on outside its walls. Nope, Wheatland is "safe" from infiltration by anyone who doesn't Think Like Jack. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

Any change for Wheatland will have to come from those of us who already live here. If Wheatland is ever to be more than what it is, it will be because of the people like the ones who showed up, and spoke up last month at the school board meeting, and those of us who will indeed show up again. Please join us. Make them listen to 30 more minutes of what the people of Platte want. Show them that Wheatland is NO Place For Hate.
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