Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Now, the Shadow on Health Care

Now, the Shadow on Health Care
the Shadow
I didn’t realize it was my turn to talk about health care but here I go! Let’s begin with a quote I found. Sorry I can’t remember who said it.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

  I notice several things with a lot of the rants about this subject on this site. It seems that anyone that already has it is some sort of bad guy no matter how they obtained it. Why is that??

One seems upset over those that have VA care but I’m sure he or she had the same opportunity to join the service like they did. Could it be that when they saw others going into the military they figured they were stupid?? Those that have it thru their work also seem to be bad guys for some reason!! Once again I’m stumped on that. I assume we should demonize those that put forth the effort to get enough skills to get ahead in this world and found good employment with bennies but I wonder why. Did those that said they hated school and wouldn’t go any further ever wonder what life would be like for them down the road? Now that those people have obtained some sort of “better life” are they to feel guilty for those that refused to do what they did??

I do understand that private insurance is out of reach of some no matter what but what gives the government the right to take away from those that put forth the effort to get ahead and give it to those that didn’t or wouldn’t even try? If you now regret your past choices why do you feel it’s the government’s job or duty to bail you out?? You can still help heal the situation but it will take a lot of effort on your part. It’s not too late to band together with those in the same situation.
Begin searching for answers. Get your group together with local doctors and ask for their advice. There must be some companies out there that will write something for your group. It may be that a starting point would be just catastrophic coverage that covers major problems while your group works toward better coverage. Check out our state and find out what mandates they have on companies writing insurance in our state. The more people that lobby the folk’s downstate for change the better chance you have. Why should you have to pay coverage you don’t want or need?

If you are too old to have a baby why would you want that coverage and that goes for a lot of things. A lot of the states mandate those sorts of things and all have to pay. I see a lot of people that turn out to help at brandings. Why wouldn’t those same groups of people having the same problems with their insurance flock out to help solve them?? If you can get something like this done you will still be free and in control of more of your life. 
I know this goes against popular thinking but its things like this that made this a great country and will keep it that way. Remember the cry of the 60s “Power to the people”. Well this is how you get it.
Those that you feel are the connected ones started out unconnected. You can become connected if you come together and get behind those that want to make it better thru hard work and group effort. Will you get everything you want?? I doubt it but when you find out that everyone gets a piece of the pie I think you might feel better about your town and it’s people. Who knows, you might even become an example to small towns around the country that are having the same problems!!
Once again, I am the Shadow
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