Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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The Shadow Continues...

The Shadow Continues...
The Shadow

OK!! It’s me again.

I sent a post to the Ace. It not only made her mad but she said it was full of my opinions and little fact. She may be right but I don’t give in that easy.

The bright side is that she keeps on top of things and attempts to weed out opinion that people [maybe even me] claim as facts. That should make all of you out there more comfortable.

There are times when people’s opinions are facts. Like it’s a fact that I don’t like Obama because I feel he is a far left radical that will sell our country out. It is also a fact that I don’t want the government telling when I can wipe, what to use and when to do it. As far as I’m concerned the government screws up everything they touch, no matter the party. The complaint seems to be that the last 8 years messed us up. I thought in 2006 when the Dems. Took over congress they were going to fix it. What ever became of that? What ever became of personal responsibility? It used to be that when you took a risk [as in the stock market] and it didn’t work out you took the loss rather than look for some one to take something away from others and give it to you. It may very well be that I’m out of step with the ways of today’s world. Should that be true you can count me out because there is no way I want to be in that parade!! I know we all wash everything thru the paradigm of our worldview and come out the other side with different opinions and that’s fine. The thing that troubles me is that it seems no longer possible to have a civil disagreement. It’s now the norm to attempt to stop those that disagree and maybe even destroy them. I was always taught that if someone or something was offense and they wouldn’t stop you left or turned it off. Now days the very few seem to control the many. In today’s world if you can’t manage to earn enough to have what you want you are able to complain loudly and someone will figure out to give it to you so they don’t have to feel guilty about you doing without while they have it.

I was going to print out the definition of character but its way to long so go look it up for yourself. It is fair to judge someone by the friends he has and the people he does business with. If you have the same sort of friends and do business with the same sort of people then you would like that person for sure. Does liking that person make you feel OK because you have been feeling that those people have led you down a path you shouldn’t have been on and you haven’t wanted to deal with that little voice that keep saying you are on the wrong road??

Well that’s enough for now. I’ll send this off to the Ace and see what she thinks.


The Shadow

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