Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Glendo Daze, and Glendo Saves $40,000

Glendo Daze, and Glendo Saves $40,000

Hello all!!
Even we here at the Shadow get spring fever and just don’t feel like doing anything and besides everyone seems to be playing so nice there’s not much to take on.
I figured Bill would come on and tell us what took place at the city council meeting. I heard the Mayor saved the city $40,000.00. How about an explanation of that!
The thing about the Wellness Center sounds good. Where is the money coming from?
I hear the new bar owners at Whiskey Gulch are making a gesture to the town by having a free BBQ for the “mud boggers”. That seems like a neat thing but they maybe they should make it for only the contestants in order not to take business away from the other places in town that sell food. The 4th is a big weekend for all food places.
Hats off to all those involved in the search for that young boy that drowned. I know they put in long hours searching. I’m sure the family is grateful that they got him out of the water.
They had another Capitol One meeting the other day. How about a report from some one that was there. Time is getting short.

"The 4th will be here before you know it. How about sucking it up and getting behind Glendo Days. It happening with or without your help so why not get on board?? "

Remember to treat all those Greenies nice as they drop off their money in our town. They will be paying part of that Capitol One tax if it goes thru so we want to keep them coming back!!!
If I don’t write anything before then “have a great 4th and remember those fighting to protect our right to disagree with those in power!!!
The Shadow

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