Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Memorial Day Flags in Glendo! Good Job to All!

Memorial Day Flags in Glendo! Good Job to All!
The Shadow

Wow!! What is that bright thing in the sky? The moss is beginning to dry up around the house. Could be ready to leap into summer??
I almost hated to write this post in fear of breaking flow of comments about the 1% tax but I figured “what the heck”! After the election, we said we would praise both sides for doing good things for the town.

Well last weekend the girl's half of you seem to have put American flags up and down Main Street. Dorothy and her husband did most of the work installing the holders and putting them and taking them down. Several comments were heard about how nice that looked. If I heard correctly the town gave them the money to buy the flags so there seems to be Kudos for all.

I do need a legal opinion from some one out there. There was a special meeting of the council the other day. A notice was posted at the Post Office as required. The problem came in when they dealt with things not listed on the notice although they did have an agenda to hand out at the meeting with all the other items on it. Maybe more people would have showed up if they knew what was to be discussed!!
The Shadow
PS: Keep those comments about the 1% tax coming. Some one told me they figured out of state people would be paying 35% of the tax and I also heard that 5 year figure tossed around!!

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