Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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"Another Man's Moccasins" by Craig Johnson

"Another Man's Moccasins" by Craig Johnson
Nancy Munier

Well, I can let the cat (or should I say Book) out of the store now.

Craig Johnson has done it again…. “Another Man’s Moccasins” a Walt Longmire mystery… number 4 in the series that began with “Cold Dish” is on the shelf.  (not for long I am willing to bet.. since these are signed editions.


Craig has a wild book tour going but we think he may slow down on I25 long enough to stop by around the 10th of JULY!


          As always, this book has more twists and turns than the Snake River.  ( I did have a pretty good idea of who did what by the last few chapters but not everything was easy to figure out)  Some of this book brought back memories of the 60’s and Vietnam… if you are a Vietnam vet this may shake a few skeletons in your closet.  Craig does a great job of dropping the story back in time and back to the present and keeping you on track.


          You really should get your hands on this one or one of his other 3 books and spend a bit of time sitting under a tree and reading this summer.


Well, that is about it for this week… Don’t forget Fathers Day is coming up and he might like a good book… we have everything from brewing your own beer to Western mysterys and some great hunting books as well.


Be happy, stay safe and thanks to God for all the great rain.


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875 Gilchrist (the busy street downtown)

Wheatland, WY



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