Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Taxes for a Good Cause!

Taxes for a Good Cause!
The Shadow

Let me take another shot at this tax thing then Bill or whoever can jump in and correct me or add what they know!!

"It does appear that the people that were all for this over estimated how many people knew what was going on or even interested enough to seek out information."

Yes it is a tax on anything that has a tax on it already. Everyone [I think Colorado people also] would pay the tax. Once the money was collected for the project that was selected for each town the tax would stop. The money can only be used for the project stated in the application each town submitted so the ruling party could not use it on some other pet project.

I will send my spies out to seek information on the projects for the other towns but here in Glendo they want to tear down the building that houses the ambulance at the present time and build a new building that would house the ambulance, our fire trucks and the rural fire truck along with meeting rooms or what ever storage that would be needed. I think that there was also some money added to make up the balance of the sewer project but Bill or someone will have to confirm that.

I heard the project for Guernsey was a new swimming pool; Wheatland wanted to over haul the fire house & Chugwater was doing street work. Those are all hearsay on my part but I will attempt to confirm that. Anyone with any information or ideas please jump in.
The shadow

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