Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Glendo, Meet Your Candidates!

Glendo, Meet Your Candidates!
The Shadow
Hello out there!!

I know you were all waiting with bated breath to hear from me. I suppose there are some who hoped I had slid off the face of the earth. Either way I’m back!!

Now to some of the comments by Beyond Compare:

   As far as the split goes, I think you are right although I think [or feel] it goes further back and deeper than just that. As far as the comments go, you can hear the same ones after almost any election.  By the way, what ever happened to gracious loser? I thought you were supposed to shake hands and work together for the betterment of the community. Maybe there is more behind holding office than “serving the people”. What do you think?? Once again. No one is saying those people are evil just that they may be able to do the job better. That sort of anal exam goes along with wanting to hold any position of power over people. If you are unable to handle it you need to reconsider running. There were a lot [well maybe not a lot] who went to the council with problems that they (the council) either did not or would not handle. That’s OK but the people need some sort of explanation so they understand the reasoning behind their decision.

    Complaining about some one’s past record while in office may be off base but it could also be used to help the present council understand what the problems are the people are concerned about.

When a person’s record will come up (and rightly so) is when they run for office again. If some one is telling you about all the good things they want to do for the town but have been in office for several years without takiing any of these problems they need to be ready to explain to the voters why that happened.

    Was that a great lead-in to this or what?

Thee will be a “Meet the Candidates” in Glendo Thursday at 6:30PM at the Glendo Fire Hall. Show up with your questions and heard what their vision for Glendo's future is. Just in case you might get bored there will be cookies and coffee.  The moderator for the event will be Stanetta Twiford who is the principle of our school and knows how to keep everything civil.

    I have City Council meeting information but need to check with our spies some more before I publish it. Still no answers from the council on our questions. 

The Shadow

 PS: Thanks for the money to those good causes. I like the blue better than the red. As far as the outside world goes, I think we are seeing in action here on a smaller scale.

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