Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Looking at Clouds From Both Sides Now

Looking at Clouds From Both Sides Now
The Shadow

    Café Coalition – Jay Collins Groupie. What does all that mean?? Are you sure I’m not the person sitting next to you at the Diamond A and figured it was time for the full story to be told??

    One comment said this would be a good thing if both sides got aired. I agree totally.

    It seems that in today’s culture rather than discuss facts and debate those facts the approved tactic is to attack on personal grounds and grind the opposition into dust. The Shadow thought in a town of 229 people we could get past that. Was I mistaken?? 

    Maybe it’s time for the “ruling party” to come out with some sort of detailed plan of what they want Glendo to become and how they plan to work toward that. Then maybe the unheard “ruled party” would be able to understand and some of the tension would disappear. The “ruled party” understands how this democracy thing works. If you have the most votes you win. Now days the winner just assumes the “ruled” no longer has a voice or input into matters that affect them. An example of that would be why 4 members of the city council feel they represent only those people that think-act and feel like they do. Who represents those others??  Surely there must be at least one member that is able to think independently and be able to act on the good of the town rather than rubber stamp everything of one member!!

    Maybe it’s time the council looked up what happened to the lady that said “let them eat cake”. Things work differently in our civilized society but there is still the ballot box to take back your town!!

    Let’s hear it from those that feel they are the “other party”!! Try to keep it civil!!


Once again I am,


The Shadow

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