Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Who's Who in Glendo?

Who's Who in Glendo?
The Shadow

When I began this I thought I would have two categories of people I wanted to talk about.  I figured they would be “heroes’ and villains”. After thinking that thru I felt “hero” may be over the top and “villain” may be too harsh. With those two names out of the mix and no ideas emanating from my brain cells, I put it up to you the public to come up with names for the people in the news of Glendo. I’ll give you a few examples and stand back and let you have at it.

#1- Mayor Jay Collins who is trying his hardest to improve-repair-attract new people amid other things like running his construction business and the family ranch but is blocked by the “ruling party” at every turn for the only apparent reason being that he defeated their idol by one vote!!

#2- The new owners of Howard's General Store for the wonderful improvements they are making that will not only improve their business but really improve the entrance to the town.

#3- The ladies that banded together to make Glendo Days 2007 a success but got nothing but grief from the “ruling party”. They have now formed a nonprofit and will be doing Glendo Days without the help [or grief] of the city council.

#4- The young people who put together the Mud Bog Races during Glendo Days and whose hard work made it a roaring success. 

Now the others:

#1- A city council that said having Glendo Days on the weekend of the 4th of July would bring to many people to town and put a strain on our services.

#2- The same group that wouldn’t approve $850 for a map of our area that could be used by the EMT’s and the fireman. There was grant money available to pay the balance. They felt it would turn the town into realtors.

#3- The same group that professes to only want low priced housing built here in Glendo for single mothers and low wage earners.

Well there are the examples. See if you can come up with names for the two groups.

Speaking of Glendo Days, here's some information.

Glendo Days will be the weekend of July 4th. The two ladies that put so much effort into last year will be in charge again this year along with all those that donated their time and effort to help. The two main characters in this are Dorothy Williams and Tammy Gentry. Dorothy will be running for a seat on the city council in May. Last I heard there will be another Mud Bog that weekend run by the same people but in another location to avoid hassle with the city. The bars are planning on taking care of the street dance. 

If you are too bashful to make a comment on our page but feel strongly about something the Shadow has an e-mail address that you can write to and keep it private.


Keep your head down and your powder dry till we meet again!! 

The Shadow

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