Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Say Welcome to The Glendo Shadow

Say Welcome to The Glendo Shadow

The streets of Wheaterville are stretching...nowdays, if you pick your nose in Glendo, you might read about it here on The GlendoShadow’s Page. If you help a neighbor in distress or shovel someone’s sidewalk just because, the Shadow will be happy to report that too. Don’t be bashful Glendo…ask questions, make comments, and talk back. The Shadow wants to hear from you. We in Wheaterville don’t necessarily endorse everything or anything The Shadow writes…we just provide the soapbox. We’ll also be monitoring the Comments, so if you want yours to be published you have to play nice. What’s nice? Observe the not-so-fine line between good clean gossip and just-to-be-nasty mudslinging. If you don’t know what “libel” means, look it up. Hint: if you’re a public official you pretty much have to take what comes at you…but you’ll always be able to present your side of things…that’s the Wheaterville way. 

Might some of this tick you off? Sure. Might some of it make you smile? We hope so.

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