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Friday, March 22, 2019
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What Would Sarah Do?
Damned if anyone knows! Just when you think the Palinator is given her last stupid speech she comes out with another one. In this latest 18 minutes of rambles, amidst the appropos squacking of geese, Sarah dropped the bomb: "I'm not going to seek a second term as Gov of Alaska."

Oh wait, that wasn't the bomb. We all had that figured out. The bomb was that she was going to wuss out on staying Gov of Alaska for her FIRST term! The ONLY thing she had going for her...besides of course her foreign policy expertise from having Russia visible from her porch...she's going to quit. Just quit.

Move out of the gov mansion (and give up the rent she was charging the … more...
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Somebody Shut Those Palins Up Already!
Screaming Bitch
David Letterman made some tacky jokes about Sarah Palin's knocked up daughter Bristol. As far as anyone listening knew, Bristol was so far the only Palin daughter who'd been knocked up, and she was, knocked up, as in she got preggers when she didn't intend to. That's knocked up.

But, The Palins, never folks to let a morsel of free publicity die, dragged little Willow into it, yelling as loud as they could that little Willow was at the yankee's game, not knocked up Bristol.

Next, they embellished the story by claiming that Letterman advocated that 14-year old not-knocked-up-yet-as-far-as-we-know Willow have some cheap sex on the infield. Letterman never … more...
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Watch Out Democrats (Not)
Oh boy, it looks like the Republican party spokespoople (grin) are stepping up to the plate with an (egads) "energy policy". WhooEee do they hate those renewables! And with policies like what the Republics are pulling out of wherever they're pulling them, it looks like the Democrats will be around for a long, long time. 

Their great idea? ONE HUNDRED nu-cu-lar plants. That's two for every state! Maybe Wyoming will get even MORE than their "fair share"! Maybe we can get four or five, since there's really not a lot of room for any in New York and California and Florida.

Hey Wheaterville! Step right up and claim your nu-cu-lar plant. … more...
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Rock On, Dr. John
Why in the world was John Barrasso selected by the GOP powers that were and Dem Gov Dave to be Senator Thomas's successor as US Senator?

He doesn't get it.

Yesterday during his Republican address, Barrasso announced that solar and wind power don't produce enough energy for US Consumers. Well, DUH. Barrasso went on to claim that we need MORE energy, and we need it FASTER, and oh yeah, CLEANER too...and darn it all, we need to do all this at the same price as we are now.
Forget "environmentally friendly" though, says Dr. John, and Make More Jobs.

Barrasso:"We need to make America's energy as clean as we can, as fast … more...
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There's a Whole Lotta Bitching To Be Done
LaBeeatch With Jello Hammer
It's hard to be the guy who's supposed to Nail Jello to a Tree all the time. Woody seems to be taking a break from the Trees of Wheaterville...we figger he's Nailing Jello to Other Trees.

And The Shadow, from the Other Side, has gone silent too.

But there's a Whole Lotta Jello to Nail on Wheaterville Trees. If you have some to nail, send it in to Yes, send in some contact information so someone can make sure you're real. Use SpellCheck. You can be as stoopid as you want to thematically, but it has to be written using at least 6th grade English Class standards.

"Nailing … more...
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