Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Cindy's Death Panals
You can't make this stuff upl

Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming's gal in Congress, claims that she knows of 88 year old Wyoming folks who are opting out of dialysis so that the kids can get the ranch.

Cindy, you have reached a new low, even for you.

If indeed you DO know of such folks, you better oughta speak up, cuz assisted sucicide ain't the Wyoming Way. And, it's illegal. So do tell. Who are these people?

Think about it Cindy. We have people reading this.  Are you saying that parents who DON'T die in 2010 are bad moms and dads? How long have you lived in Wyoming? We don't do it like this, plain and simple.

We're waiting for you to explain what  the heck you're saying. Don't do assisted suicides. Don't enable this, it's just NOT okay. 
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Write In Votes in Wheatland
Who You Gonna Write For
The status quo incumbants look like they could be taking a beating in Wheaterville this voting season. Commissioner Dan Kirkbride was the first to fall to newcomer Steve Schokley 

Platte County Attorney candidate Ken Johnston gave ABA (Anyone But Alden) incumbant Eric Jones a real run for his money in the August primary, and has decided to stay in the race and hope for a write-in win against Jones.

Jones was appointed by the Platte County Commissioners after the ABA contingent elected Mary Eikenberry but then decided to fire her. (Until she resigned, then promptly rescinded her resignation, whereupon she was, indeed, fired by then-Commissioners Kirkbride, Reichardt and Milikin.) Eric Jones was eventually elected Platte County Attorney after his initial appointment, and also continues to run his local private law practice.

Attorney Johnston came surprisingly close to unseating Jones in August, losing by fewer than 200 votes. He's knocking on doors and hoping that 200 additional people will write in his name, and fill in that little oval next to it, on November 2. 

Incumbant Wheatland mayor Dean Hensel ran unopposed in the primary, but has some unexpected competition in the general. 

In August, Jean "Skrinny" Dixon let it be known around town that since she wasn't going for another go-around as County Clerk, she'd be open to taking a shot at Mayor if enough folks wrote her in on their primary ballots. She only needed three, and received more than enough to convince her to unofficially officially run for the roses. 

Meanwhile, in the State Governor's race, Tea Party favorite and Cheyenne Doc Taylor Haines didn't make it onto the ballot, but he's out there campaigning, talking about the issues, and hoping that Wyoming voters will decide that Matt Mead's Millions shouldn't buy him the Governor's mansion.

Hard to say how Platte County will vote. Their candidate last time around was Duncan Hunter. 'Nuff said.  
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Wheatland School Board Meeting Tonight
Ah, the Ides of March. Dig into your high school freshman memories. In 44 BC Julius Caesar was stabbed on the steps of the Roman Senate. Not a good day for Caesar.

Will the Ides of March 2010 be a good day for the Wheatland School Board? Will they "succeed" at confirming that yes indeed, Wheatland Is A Place For Hate? Or will concerned Platte County citizens and WHS students show up to try once again to talk sense into their closed little minds? What Would Jesus Do? He'd grab his dad's hammer and put those banners up himself.

Tonight's school board meeting starts at 7pm, at the usual place. The board is keeping its collective fingers crossed that they "won" and that everyone will have forgotten those soundbytes and all the recognition their Hate Games illicited for our fair town. They're hoping with whatever hearts they have that no one will show, no one will ask questions, no one will make them think.

See you at the meeting. The board will have to allow that confounded 30 minutes of public comment (and this time shout foul if Kelly Tyson uses some of it like he did month) but they won't like it any more than they did last time. Dallas Mount may ask that the time be extended, so that all may be heard, but likely no other board member will have the decency to second his motion. Again.
The board will have to deal with the "No Advertising in Schools" situation, because that was officially asked for. Seeing how they decide to handle that alone will be worth attending the meeting.

WHS is safe from the No Place For Hate label. No one is thinking of moving to Wheatland or Wyoming for its progressive, or liberal or "Do Unto Others" ethics. No one thinks that Wheatland is even aware of what's going on outside its walls. Nope, Wheatland is "safe" from infiltration by anyone who doesn't Think Like Jack. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

Any change for Wheatland will have to come from those of us who already live here. If Wheatland is ever to be more than what it is, it will be because of the people like the ones who showed up, and spoke up last month at the school board meeting, and those of us who will indeed show up again. Please join us. Make them listen to 30 more minutes of what the people of Platte want. Show them that Wheatland is NO Place For Hate.
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Hubert Has a Fence AND a Special Use Permit


I mean, we all sort of think that Hubert got his Special Use Permit this time around. Didn't he? Sure he did. How could he not?

If he did, it comes strapped to a lot of conditions, including, you guessed it, a fence. And this time a fence with Conditions. (Ain't nobody in Wheaterville gonna have to say: "Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." Uh-Uh.)
Hubert finally gets his Special Use Permit (for at least six months or until there are more complaints) after a Zoning Certificate is approved, and after he builds a fence of bundles or boards, eight feet high, from the NE corner of his place to 50 feet from his house.

Deja vu again, but on a more manageable scale.

Marlin the Planner however, does not like being undermined, and he said so. He's not sure the current screening really screens, although everyone else, including the Planning and Zoning Board, disagrees with his assessment. If that fence does anything, it screens, is the the concensus. But darn it all, Marlin the Planner does not appreciate the "established rules" being bent. He was supposed to win this one.

Platte County resident Chris Gray agreed that Hubert's "bad behavior" shouldn't be "rewarded". Wait, what "bad behavior?" Oh--challenging his right to get the Special Use Permit! Which he got. Which indicates that he should have had a whole hell of a long time ago. Seems like "bad behavior"  like that "fighting for what is right" is something we all oughta see more of.

However, just to make sure that no one thinks anyone except Hubert and the posse were ever in the wrong, one of the conditions of Hubert's Special Use Permit is that everyone agrees that the approval of the Special Use Permit does not in any way "...imply any County override of applicable District Court Orders." So there. Na na na na na. 

Bottom line is that there'll be some more fence building going on before the Saga of Hubert is over, but it looks like everyone is ok with all of it.

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New Year, New Stuff

2009 in Wheatland, WY and the surrounds looks like the times they are a' changin'.

WADCO is PCED...New Year, New Name. Wheatland Area Development COrporation (WADCO) is now Platte County Economic Development (PCED). New executive director coming soon, and a new website too...former ed Susan Jenkins had Big Wind Guys in town and they were NOT just talking hot air. 2009 could bring more wind and more economic development to Platte County, and PCED will be a driving force.

For instance, take a photo of the drive on I25 between Wheatland and Chugwater sometime this year. Odds are it's going to look mighty different by the time 2014 rolls around. That's been named The Wind Corridor by wind folks in the know--pretty soon you'll be able to connect the dots between the wind turbines, 'cuz folks, we got wind, lots of it, and the gov'ment gots cash to spend on turning it into energy.

That Big, Wonderful, New nursing home in Wheatland? Sounds like Platte County Economic Development there too. There's a timeline on this and lots of checkpoints--stay tuned and get involved. The good news is that the new nursing home will affect just about everyone at some point. Make it what you want it to be.

Get involved in PCED, get involved in the Chamber of Commerce, support local businesses, stick your nose into local politics, contribute time and ideas to your town and be a part of all the positive that's happening. 

You don't have to "go with the flow" but you should at least jump into the water.

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